Penny Tiles Are Unique And Inspirational Decorative Elements

Penny Tiles or also known as coin tiles are tiles made from materials not far different from the general floor and wall tiles The color of this tile is also quite diverse. The only element that distinguishes this coin tile from other types of tiles is nothing but a circular shape like a coin. Applying this type of tile will give a different feel to the interior of the house. Karen Egly Thompson, one of Houzz’s contributors, said that tiles like this had actually been known since the 1900s. Apart from that, if you want to hire experts to clean your penny tiles, we recommend you to contact the company of Tile Cleaning The Hills.

The following are some inspiration for using coin tiles that you can apply to your home:

Kitchen Wall Coverings

You can use coin tiles to cover the kitchen wall between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen table surface. Usually, this wall is also referred to as backsplash.

As the name implies, the wall coverings on the backsplash need to be resistant to sauce stains and water splashes. Ceramic tiles are the right choice. Moreover, Egly Thomson also said that backsplash can give a smooth texture in the kitchen. You don’t need to be afraid to explore colors and shapes for backsplash.

Bathroom Wall Coverings

You can use Penny Tiles to partially cover a wall or the entire wall in the bathroom. Covering the bathroom wall with tiles like this will create a uniform texture without giving the impression that is too dense and dizzy.

You can also adjust the softness level with the right color selection. Not only adjust the color of the tile but also the color of the grout. Nat with too striking colors like black for white tiles tends to be confusing. This method is more suitable if you want to create a contemporary effect.

This Tile Serves As A Decorative Accent

You can also use coin tiles for accents. You can combine this tile with other types of tile or use it as a filler for the bathroom soap recess. The key is that your selection of coin tiles should use a matching color or in accordance with the color of a different type of tile.

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