You Must Know This Before You Buy Scooters For Your Children

Usually, toddlers aged 2 years can start riding a scooter, it’s just that they need time to learn to play it well. Well, for smaller children, like children aged 2-3 years, choose a scooter with 3 or 4 wheels. It’s because the more wheels, the scooter will be more stable and easier to control so it is safe and comfortable for children of that age. Additionally, if you want to buy a scooter that doesn’t take a lot of space to be stored, we suggest you buy the foldable electric scooter.

For 3-wheeled scooters, select the front wheels totaling 2 and 1 behind. Meanwhile, scooters with 2 wheels are suitable for children aged 3.5-5 years and choose scooters with wide models and have brakes. 2 wheels can also be used by children aged 6-8 years, but choose a scooter that is lighter and sleeker.

Furthermore, a good scooter must match the child’s height, because the wrong position can hurt the muscles and arms of his back. For that, when choosing a scooter, ask your child to try it so that you can adjust the height of the scooter handlebar to the height of the child’s body. The handlebars must be at the level of the child’s chest when he is standing next to the scooter.

When the child is holding the handlebars, his body position must be upright with his arms slightly bent at the elbows. However, many models of scooters whose handlebars can be adjusted in height, so it is quite safe if you buy them online and don’t have the chance to try them on children.