The Danger Of LSD Hallucinogenic Effect To Human Body

LSD was first discovered in 1943 by a chemist named Albert Hoffman after processing ergotamine compounds obtained from ergot fungi. Initially, LSD was used to treat psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, LSD began to be misused by hands not responsible for being drunk medicine thanks to its strong stimulant effect. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to know what to look for in an addiction treatment center just in case you need to help someone you love who suffers from drugs addiction.

No matter what form and how to use it, hallucinogenic effects will immediately work quickly and intensely causing hallucinations even if someone first uses LSD. The more you use, the stronger and longer lasting the effects of this drug. The side effects of hallucinations that users feel are often referred to as “tripping” or “high”.

LSD users generally experience loss of appetite, lack of sleep, dry mouth, tremor, and feel visual changes. Usually, LSD users will focus on one color with a certain intensity.

The hallucinogenic effects of LSD can also cause massive mood shifts, which are often followed by behavioral and emotional disorders. This disorder is often referred to as “bad trip” which is a symptom of anxiety, fear, and panic that occurs in LSD users. Thanks to this bad trip, even ordinary touches can be felt excessively and frighteningly by its users. Many LSD users often experience “bad trips” even a few days and weeks after using LSD.

In addition, complications can also occur called ergotism, a series of symptoms that occur due to narrowing of the arteries. Ergotism can cause a sensation of pain such as heat in the legs, loss of sensation at the tip of the hands and feet, and swelling. Ergotism can also continue to become a headache, seizures, and other nervous disorders.

This hallucinogenic effect depends on how much LSD is used. After LSD is absorbed into the body, the wearer will experience side effects within 30 minutes to 40 minutes after taking the medicine and remain felt for 12 hours or more. namely a hallucinatory journey that can cause changes in mood, perception, and sensation.

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